Technical requirements

We recommend and make tests with the following browsers and operating systems for access to the County Council in Uppsala County external services, other combinations could work. For support on client settings according to the technical conditions, you have to turn to your own PC vendor's support or your local IT-support. MSI IT support provides telephone support during business hours on the technical conditions.

Operatingsystem: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 only in combination with Internet Explorer 11. Programportalen does not support webbrowser Edge that is standard in Windows 10 fresh installation.

Information how to set Internet Explorer 11 as standard browser in Windows 10.
For info on installation on Windows 8.1, click here (in Swedish)
Webbrowser: Internet Explorer 10 - 11
Settings: If it isn't a County Council PC followingsettings has to be configured
The portal also require that a Citrix-app is installed on the computer, OBS only non County Council PCfor more information look here.
Security and responsibility:
The user shall be responsible for computers that connect has an installed and updated antivirus protection and the latest security patches from their software provider installed.

Internet connection:
For normal operations with up to 20 simultaneous users of the County Council's Programportal it's recommended to have at least 10 Mbit free capacity. For continuous daily work we recommend an non-mobile internet connection. Testpage for your internet connetion capacity
Firewall setting:
Port 443 och 1494 has to be open for trafik to and from the Programportal.

Remote Desktop settings (in Swedish)
For info, click here
Video (screen) settings:
Programportal does support max 4 videoscreens per session. If multiple Videoscreens are used they must have the same resolution. When using 4 Video-screens the max resolution per screen are 2560*1440. Other questions regarding the videosetting please contact the Uppsala County Council's IT-Support, see below.

Black window in Cosmic:
For info, click here (in Swedish)
License handling: Connecting computer get's RDS-license from County Concil. Issues with this license follow thisinstruction.
Login using SMS-code: This function require that the smartphone supports flash SMS. Contact your supplier/operator for assistance.

Login using SITHS smartcard:
To be able to use smartcard for login to the Programportal you need to have "NetID" County Council standard version (v6.4.1.26) packeting (LUL1901) installed. NetiD will be installed during the first login attempt with smartcard if it's missing on the computer.
Link for manual install of NetID Testpage for SITHS smartcard and certificate
• Gemalto IDBridge CT30/PC Twin USB Smart Card Reader
• Dell Smartcard USB Keyboard Dell articelno: 580-13018
Drivers for supported cardreaders (in Swedish)
Complete list of supported equipment for the County Council Programportal (in Swedish).
Drivers for supported equipment in Programportalen ______________________________________________________________________________________________